Wood Impregnation biocide-free

The basis for a protective wood coating

Impregnation is particularly useful in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. It protects the wood from moisture and discolouration.

  • Natural wood protection without organic biocides
  • For all discoloured interior woods
  • Especially recommended for softwood in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Not a single coating – the final coating takes place after drying with SAICOS products
  • Oxidative drying
Код: 9000 Категория: Brand: SAICOS


Special protection for furniture in damp rooms

The healthy impregnation based on natural raw vegetable materials does not require any biocides and is therefore particularly suitable for indoor furniture and wood panelling. It protects wood that is susceptible to discolouration, e.g. pine and other conifers against moisture damage by penetrating deep into the wood, impregnating it and keeping it elastic. This reduces the natural swelling and shrinkage of wood. At the same time, breathability is maintained and moisture can escape. Thanks to a water-repellent surface, water splashes do not affect it. We recommend SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil as a top coat.