Wash Care Oil

A portion of care for the maintenance of beautiful floors

Wooden floors determine the atmosphere of every room and create a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Everyday use will leave signs of wear at some point. Therefore, you should give it some attention and care once a year.

  • Insensitive to dirt, water-repellent, non-slip, anti-slip
  • Healthy and breathable
  • Semi-matt surface
  • Saliva- and sweat-resistant
  • For oiled / waxed parquet
Код: 8145 Категория: Brand: SAICOS


The intensive care program for wooden floors

Well-kept and protected floors thanks to the liquid SAICOS Wash Care Oil. The intensive oil cares for heavily-used oiled and waxed wood surfaces. Simply place a cap of the oil on the cleaned floor and distribute it evenly with the SAICOS Telescope-Maintenance Cloth. After about three hours with adequate ventilation, the floor is dry again. Made from natural oils and waxes, the wipe care product is extremely breathable. Treated surfaces receive a silky matt shimmer, are less sensitive to dirt and are non-slip.