Самозалепваща изолационна лента STAUF SELF-ADHESIVE INSULATION STRIPS

Self-adhesive perimeter insulation strips, 50mm height / 5mm thickness made of polyethylene foam

  • self adhesive
  • very good adhesion
  • easy installation


    Application range

  • trouble shooter in renovation areas
  • for the prevention of acoustic bridges in levelling work
  • to ensure rear ventilation in levelling work on wooden floor structures

    Suitable subfloors

  • mastic asphalt screed
  • concrete C 25 / 30 according to DIN 1045 (non-skid surface)
  • calcium sulphate (flow) floors
  • wooden planks, wood fibre boards
  • chipboards V100 (E1), OSB boards
  • stone, ceramic, terrazzo, tiles
  • unlaminated gypsum fibre boards
  • bonded screed ZE 30 according to DIN 18560, part 3 (non-skid surface)
  • cement floors

    Product properties

  • permeable
  • resistant against humidity
  • suitable on subfloor heating systems


  • blue

    Available packaging

  • 20 m / roll


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