Ecoline Ground Coat „Speed“

Solvent-free primer for quick coating

Time is usually tight at construction sites. In order to apply a coating in just one day, we have developed a product that dries extremely quickly and thus enables further processing in a short time.

  • Aqueous primer
  • Can be painted over after 60 minutes
  • Minimizes side bonding
Код: 9912Eco Категория: Brand: SAICOS


Easy to process and quick drying

The future is green! We becoming more and more conscious of our ecological footprint and it is increasingly influencing our actions. We have created the Ecoline product line to meet the demand for environmentally friendly products. Sustainable and durable products for finishing wood surfaces.

The easy-to-use SAICOS Ecoline Ground Coat „Speed“ serves as a barrier primer on woods with a high proportion of soluble wood constituents. It prevents the ingredients from bleeding through and protects the subsequently applied coating against discolouration, blistering and loss of adhesion. It is ready for the final coat after just 60 minutes of drying. The final coat must be applied within 6 hours. As part of our Ecoline product range, the primer is also healthy, breathable and solvent-free.